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The ITCG Corinaldesi is a Secondary Education Technical Institute (students aged 14-19) located in Senigallia, located in the centre of Italy on Adria Coast, and offers two different courses of study:

  • an Economic Course that has 3 different curricula : 

- Administration, Finance and Marketing; 

- Information Systems for Companies;

- International Relationships for Marketing and Communications;

  • a Technological Course that has 3 different curricula:

-Constructions, Environment and Landscape Management;

-Technician for the preservation of Landscape;

- Wood Construction Technologies.

The Institute has also an adult education program with two courses of evening classes with the following curricula: Buildings Technician and Accountant.

The institute aims to develop its international dimension through the study of different languages (English, Spanish, French, German and Russian) and through the cooperation with other public and private bodies  in Europe and beyond, in order to expand and improve the provision of training grounded in a long-term vision of the students growth and development as European citizens, with a particular focus on their foreign language skills. We currently have 3 Erasmus+ projects running, concerning KA1 and KA2 fields, one of which we act as unique coordinator.

For the reasons listed above, we strongly believe in the importance of creating and being involved in new strategic partnerships with other European countries, concerning any topic. 









Projects carried out

PET (Preliminary English Test) and FCE (First Certificate in English) with mother tongue language teachers


Erasmus + (Ireland / UK and other European countries) for teachers and Students

English Courses in Malta and Summer English courses in UK and IE

Multicultural iniciatives for peace and legality

Transcultural project

Speaker of the year

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